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Then and Now Photo Album for 146 Classmates
 Adams MaryLHS Adams, Mary Lynne__smallAdams Mary Modern_small
Adams, Mary Lynne (Wickwire)
“She’s not a flower, She’s not a pearl, She’s just a noble All around girl.”
Adams SusanAdams, Susan ModernAdams, Susan Modern 2Adams Susan Modern 2
Adams, Susan (Stancroff)
“Lovely to look at, Delightful to know”
Albrecht EdwardLHS Albrecht, Eddie__smallLHS Albrecht, Eddie & Kay_Ed AlbrechtEd Albrecht and buddy in army
Albrecht, Edward  (Deceased February 5, 2020)
“A man with a smile is the man worth while.”
Albrecht RobertaRoberta Albrecht (Greene)
Albrecht, Roberta (Greene) (Deceased February 9, 2010)
“With a merry twinkle in her eye; you’ll find her where there’s fun close by.”
Altrock RogeneAltrock Rogene Modern
Altrock, Rogene (Lathouwers)
“Swiftly, gayly o’er the keys she trips along with joy and ease.”
Anderson Helen
Anderson, Helen (Michell) (Deceased 21 Nov 1973)
“I never say more than is necessary.”
Andrews Janet
Andrews, Janet (Buffenbarger)  (Deceased 6 Feb 1999)
“Her smile is delight.”
Bailey Maruice
Bailey, Maurice
“Blessed by agriculture.”
Bailey Roger 10
Bailey, Roger (Deceased September 11, 1999)
Barnett CarylBarnett_Caryl_110906_smallLHS Barnett, Caryl & Bob_Barnett Caryl Modern
Barnett, Caryl (Ferguson) (Deceased March 24, 2020)
“A bright smile and winning ways.”
Beard Janette
Beard, Jeanette (Sobota) (Deceased  November 22, 2016)
“It’s nice to be natural when you’re naturally nice.”
Beimer David
Beimer, David (Deceased April 14, 2016)
“A man of few words-there are few he doesn’t know.”
Beltz RogerBeltz Roger ModernBeltz, roger
Beltz, Roger”
I may be bashful, but I’m nice.”
Benedict Jo AnneBenedict JoAnn ModernBenedict, JoanneBenedict, Joanne
Benedict, JoAnn (Smith)
“Her personality shines forth.”
Benson Barbara
Benson, Barbara (Peplinski)
“She is quiet as a lamb.”
Bentz ReshardLHS Bentz, Reshard_Bentz Reshard ModernReshard Bentz Halloween 2009
Bentz, Reshard R. (Deceased August 10, 2010)
“What, no women in heaven. Then just let me live.”
Boals Fred
Boals, Fred
“Fond of work, fond of fun, fond of teasing everyone.”
Bodah William
Bodah, Bill (Deceased March 16, 1962)
“I’m here-even if I don’t tell anyone.”
Braley DonaldLHS Braley, Donald_Braley Donald Modern
Braley, Donald  (Deceased January 17, 2018)
“Enjoy your life.”
Brown MabelBacon, Mabel
Brown, Mabel (Bacon)
“She has a kindly spirit, and a friendly air.”
Brunk Jerry
Brunk, Jerry
Buffum Martin
Buffum, Martin (Deceased April 15, 2015)
“Blessing on him that first invented sleep.”
Butler SusanLHS Butler, Susan Grace_LHS Butler, Susan - John Tobie_
Butler, Susan Grace (Tobie)
“The knowledge of words is the gate of scholarship.”
Christensen Marcia 30Christensen Marcia Modern
Christensen, Marcia (Sadler)
“With matrimony on the way, May she enjoy each single day.”
Clark Dorothy
Clark, Dorothy (Plyer)
“A face more sweet it ne’er hath been my chance to meet.”
Clough SheliaClough Shelia Modern
Clough, Sheila (Kaye) (Deceased April 21, 2003)
“Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low an excellent thing in women.”
Collins ConnieLHS Collins, Connie_
Collins, Connie (Sobanski) (Deceased March 30, 2017)
Crisman Robert
Crisman, Robert (Deceased February 15, 1997)
“Who says in verse what others say in prose.”
Davis Mildred
Davis, Mildred (Kelsey) (Deceased February 15, 1992)
“To grow or not to grow that is the question.”
De Gergus JudyLHS DeGergus, Judy _LHS DeGergus, Judy & Bob _
DeGergus, Judith Lee (Thayer)
“Sunny is her hair, and sweet is her smile.”
DeHoff LaurenDehoff Lauren Modern
DeHoff, Lauren
“Calm and unruffled as the seven seas.”
Dewyer CarolCarol Fern Dewyer
Dewyer, Carol (Deceased April 22, 2018)
“A girl of merry moods”
Dewyer Janice
Dewyer, Janice (Clark) (Deceased November 2, 2021)
Elliott SueElliott Sue modernElliott, Sue
Elliott, Sue (Genter)
“Sweet as sugar, but much more interesting.”
Engle CaroleLHS Engel, Carole_LHS Engel, Carole & Don_Engle Carole Modern
Engel, Carole (Schierholt) (Deceased November 6, 2016)
“She is tall and liked by all.”
Erickson MarieLHS Erickson, Marie_LHS Erickson, Marie & Jim_Erickson Marie Modern
Erickson, Marie (Chase)
“Sugar and spice and all that’s nice.”
Evans JoeEvans Joe ModernEvans, Joe Modern
Evans, Joe (Deceased August 2018)
” From his tenderest infancy, this young gentleman studied how to escape study.”
Fargo Frances
Fargo, Frances (Harper) (Deceased February 8, 2008)
“Dates are her favorite fruit.”
Fath Martha
Fath, Martha (Fleetwood) (Deceased January 26, 1982)
“Don’t blame me-blame my eyes and my smile.”
Ferris LeAnn
Ferris, LeAnn (Adams)
“In everything she does her best, entering it with zeal and zest.”
Ferris Lynn
Ferris, Winona Lynn (Todaron) (Deceased 3 Jan 2000)
“I could be better, if I would, but it’s awfully lonesome being good.”
Flewelling Reginald 50
Flewelling, Reginald (Deceased June 28, 1996)
Floyd Richard French
French, Floyd Richard (Deceased June 23, 2013)
Futrell LeolaLHS Futrell, Leola_LHS Futrell, Leola & Husband_
Futrell, Leola (McDonald) (Deceased 12 May 2014)
“All work and no fun isn’t the life for me.”
Galinski Mary AnnLHS Galinski, Mary Ann_
Galinski, Mary Ann (Slaggert)
“Whoever said blondes are more striking than brunettes.”
Gerard Marilee
Gerard, Marilee (Ames) (Deceased 15 Sep 1991)
“Knowing her is liking her.”
Gilbert ChesterLHS Gilbert, Chester & Carole_
Gilbert, Chester
“Life is one long process of getting tired.”
Gould EvelynLHS Gould, Evelyn_
Gould, Evelyn (Hartley)
“A good heart is worth gold.”
Gunberg RichardLHS Gunberg, Richard_LHS Gunberg, Richard & Wife_
Gunberg, Richard
“Enough work to do, and strength enough to do it.”
Hackett JanetHackett Janet Modern
Hackett, Janet (Flint)
“Pretty, sweet, and always neat.”
Hall Teri
Hall, Teri (Deceased 1975)
Hall TomHall Tom Modern
Hall, Tom
“A likeable chap, everyone agrees.”
Hansen BarbaraHansen Barbara ModernLHS Hansen, Barbara_
Hansen, Barbara (Gutschke) (Deceased May 10, 2019)
“Well timed silence hath more eloquence than speech.”
Hansen HowardLHS Hansen, Howard_LHS Hansen, Howard & Wife_Hansen Howard ModernHanson, Howard
Hansen, Howard (Deceased July 15, 2011)
“Nobody knows it, but once I was bashful.”
Hansen Norma
Hansen, Norma (Anderson)
“Silence and modesty are the ornaments in a woman.”
Hansen RogerLHS Hansen, Roger_LHS Hansen, Roger & Gerry_Hansen Roger Modern
Hansen, Roger
“A swell guy and friend to all, especially good in basketball.”
Hardenburgh PatricaLHS Hardenburg, Patricia_Hardenburg, PattyHardenburgh Patrica Modern
Hardenburg, Patricia (Mayes)
Harris Judy
Harris, Judith Lee (McDonagh) (Deceased May 2005)
“The fairness of her face no tongue can tell.”
Hayes Robert
Robert Hayes
Heemstra RobertLHS Heemstra, Bob_LHS Heemstra, Bob & Wife_Heemstra Robert Modern
Heemstra, Robert
“His limbs were cast in manly mold, for hardy sports or contest bold.”
Hilden Shirley 70
Hilden, Shirley (Keson) (Deceased November 23, 2009)
“‘Tis good to be both merry and witty.”
Hillier LesterLester Hillier
Hillier, Lester (Deceased June 18, 2015)
“The fewer the words the greater the profit.”
Hogensen JoanLHS Hogenson, Joan_LHS Hogenson, Joan & Jude_Hogenson, Joan
Hogenson, Joan (Ezdebski)
“If a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her.”
Huber RobertLHS Huber, Robert_LHS Huber, Robert & Wife_
Huber, Robert (Deceased September 7, 2017)
“We don’t need him any longer, He’s long enough.”
Ikner James
Ikner, Jim (Deceased 31 Aug 1964)
“To insure peace of mind, ignore the rules and regulations.”
Jackson VictorLHS Jackson, Vic_LHS Jackson, Vic & Karen_Jackson Victor Modern
Jackson, Victor
“He lives at peace with all mankind, he’s our friend and we don’t mind.”
Jensen JanetLHS Jensen, Janet_LHS Jensen, Janet & Lloyd_
Jensen, Janet (Dipple) (Deceased November 3, 2021)
“It’s fun to laugh.”
Johnson Axel 80LHS Johnson Axel_Johnson Axel Modern
Johnson, Axel
“Wit makes it’s own welcome.”
Johnson JamesLHS Johnson, Jim_Johnson James ModernJohnson, James
Johnson, Jim (Deceased June 4, 2017)
“His disposition is as his hair-sunny.”
Johnson KarenLHS Johnson, Karen_Johnson Karen Modern
Johnson, Karen (Cloutier) (Deceased December 29, 2017)
“In her very quietness there is charm.”
Johnson KatherineLHS Johnson, Katie_Johnson Katherine ModernJohnson, Katie
Johnson, Katherine Katie (Peterson)
“She’s ready for fun most any day, but she can bake as well as play.”
Johnson MitchellLHS Johnson, Mitchell_Johnson Mitchell Modern
Johnson, R. Mitchell
“Every inch a man-and lots of inches.”
Johnson RogerLHS Johnson, Roger_LHS Johnson, Roger and Wife_Johnson Roger Modern
Johnson, Roger (Deceased June 4, 2018)
“Worth makes the man.”
Karboske WallyKarvoske Wally Modern
Karboske, Wally
“Man with a horn.”
Karstens Lerone (Larry)LHS Karstens, LeRone_LHS Karstens, LeRone & Wife_
Karstens, LeRone [Larry]
“Give me a keen and always present sense of humor.”
Keneipp RobertLHS Keneipp, Bob_
Keneipp, Robert
“Men like bullets, go farthest when they are smooth.”
Keneipp William
“A very pleasant fellow.”
Kotecki Robert 90LHS Kotecki, Bob_LHS Kotecki, Bob & Ione_Kotecki Robert Modern
Kotecki, Bob
“A sense of humor is the only thing that keeps intelligent people from hanging themselves.”
Krivitzky  Cecelia
Krivitzky, Cecilia (Kale) (Deceased December 8, 2017)
“Happiness is found in activity.”
LaBarr Donald
LaBarr, Donald
“My thoughts are my own.”
Lake WillardLake Willard Modern
Lake, Willard (Deceased 1 March 2006)
“And so to sleep again.”
Larsen CarolLHS Larsen, Carol_LHS Larsen, Carol A. &  Ron Husband_Larsen Carol Modern
Larsen, Carol A. (Witt)
“Silence is golden, but we’re off the gold standards.”
Larsen Carolyn
Larsen, Carolyn (Schwass) (Deceased 9 Dec 2004)
“Liberty of thought is the life of the soul.”
Leete DeloresLHS Leete, Dolores_
Leete, Dolores
“For she’s a good friend with a smile for all.”
Lemire Barbara
Lemire, Barbara (Olson)(Deceased  August  2016)
“But oh, she dances a way.”
Lyon BarbaraLyon Barbara Modern
Lyon, Barbara
“Hear that girl laughing.”
Madsen JackLHS Madsen, Jack_Madsen, JackMadsen Jack Modern
Madsen, Jack (Deceased November 23, 2021)
“He fears the wiles of maidens’ smiles- or does he?”
Maine Nancy
Maine, Nancy (Anderson)
“Knowledge is power.”
Malliett SylviaMalliett Sylvia ModernMalliett, Sylvia
Malliett, Sylvia Elizabeth (Ray)
“Quiet and sweet, without conceit.”
Matthews Libby
Matthews, Alice Elizabeth ” Libby” (Benson) (Deceased December 19, 2020)
“She’s beautiful and therefore to be wooed.”
McCumber Arlene
McCumber, Arlene (Marston) (Deceased July 8, 2018)
“A maiden wooed and won.”
Meister BernardBernardMeisterArmy189th1967-2Bernard MeisterFtWaltersTX1968-2BernardMeisterArmyFtWaltersTX1968-4BernardMeisterMarines1957BernardMeisterDistFlyingCrossPosthumous1970-2
Meister, Bernard (Deceased Feb. 14, 1970)
His only labor is to kill time.”
Mero JohnJohn Mero 2 2013John Mero 2013
Mero, John
“He surest strikes that smiling gives the blow.”
Moore JaniceMoore Janice Modern
Moore, Janice (Babcock)
“To the horizon she looks, for the future she plans.”
Nelson MarthaNelson, Martha
Nelson, Martha (Solomon)
“Cheerfulness is the background of all good talk.”
Nyuli JohnLHS Nyuli, John_
Nyuli, John
“Oh where can I find a place where the women won’t chase me.”
Optiz Helen
Opitz, Helen (Burtner)
“Her company is well worth while.”
Parks Marilyn
Parks, Marilyn (Olson)(Thorne) (Deceased November 3, 2019)
Pehrson DalynnPehrson Dalynn Modern
Pehrson, DaLynn (Baldwin)(Deceased May 19, 2016)
“Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we go to school.”
Perry William
Perry, Bill
“A man, he seems, of cheerful yesterday and confident tomorrow.”
Peterson BarbaraPeterson Barbara Modern
Peterson, Barbara (Behan) (Deceased January 13, 2012)
Peterson Carol
Peterson, Carol (Johnson)
“Delightful to know and pleasant to talk to.”
Peterson GeorgeLHS Peterson, George_Peterson George ModernPeterson, George
Peterson, George Jr. (Deceased December 26, 2017)
“I must be myself and no one is to change me.”
Peterson Karolyn
Peterson, Karolyn (Roshaven) (Deceased 30 Jan 1986)
“She looks like an angel, she acts like an angel, but you never can tell what an angel will do.”
Porter Marie
Porter, Marie (Morton)
“Quiet persons are welcome everywhere.”
Purdy HarryLHS Purdy, Harry_Purdy Harry Modern
Purdy, Harry
“The play’s the thing.”
Ramsay James
Ramsay, James
“Oh, for a rod and a hook and a nice quiet brook.”
Rehbein Nonnie
Rehbein, Nonnie (Bebee) (Deceased Nov 1978)
“Full of fun and fancy free.”
Reinberg John photo
Reinberg, John
“A man of worth and common sense.” (Deceased February 13, 2021)
Rosplock Barbara 130LHS Rosplock, Barbara_Rosplock Barbara Modern
Rosplock, Barbara (Van Orman)
“Thought small, she sits high in our hearts.”
Sanford William
Sanford, Bill
“Friendly, optimistic, capable.”
Schmidt BarbaraSchmidt Barbara Modern
Schmidt, Barbara (Kinnaman)
“Sweetness is her virtue.”
Shaffer SallyLHS Shaffer, Sally_LHS Shaffer, Sally & Husband_
Shaffer, Sally (Sobolik)
“What do we see but a maiden fair, never without a wave in her hair.”
Sjoholm JeanneLHS Sjoholm, Jeanne_Sjoholm Jeanne ModernSjoholm,, Jeanne
Sjoholm, Jeanne (Kagey)
“A busy girl from morn to eve.”
Smith Charles
Smith, Charles (Deceased 2 Jan 2001)
“An hour for toil, an hour for sport.”
Smith James
Smith, James (Deceased July 1985)
Smith LarryLHS Smith, Larry_LHS Smith, Larry & Wife_
Smith, Larry  (Deceased November 8, 2020)
“Questions don’t bother me, it’s the answers.”
Smith Michael
Smith, Michael (Deceased July 1985)
Spaulding BurtonLHS Spalding, Burton_Spaulding Burton Modern
Spalding, Burton (Deceased June 18, 2022)
“‘Tis not good that men should be alone.”
Spaulding LuellaSpaulding Luella ModernLHS Spaulding, Luella_
Spaulding, Luella (Deceased March 12, 2017)
“A virtuous girl with a very sweet smile, knowing her was well worth while.”
Squire Phyllis
Squire, Phyllis (Coolman) (Deceased 01 January 2006)
“She is never quiet but when she is sleeping.”
Stahl SharonLHS Stahl, Sharon_Stahl Sharon ModernSthal, Sharon
Stahl, Sharon (Petzak)
“True to her work, her words, her friends.”
Stevers Ronald
Stever, Ronald (Deceased 16 Oct 1980)
“Don’t let studies interfere with your education.”
Stilson JanetLHS Stilson, Janet_Stilson Janet ModernStilson, Janice ModernStilson, Janice
Stilson, Janet (Van Epps)
“Every woman should marry.”
Strabel John
Strabel, John (Deceased 25 Nov 1996)
“Tall, dark, and handsome…PLUS.”
St Peter James
St. Peter, Jim (Deceased June 14, 2017)
“A comrade neither glum nor merry.”
Sullivan GayeLHS Sullivan, Gaye_Sullivan Gaye Modern
Sullivan, Gaye Marie (Adamczyk)
“As grows a flower, thus quietly she grew.”
Swayne Joan
Swayne, Joan (Enos) (Deceased 1 Oct. 1997)
“Here’s to the girl who’s jolly and gay.”
Tallefson JaniceLHS Tallefson, Janice_Tallifson Janice ModernTallefson, Janice
Tallefson, Janice (Wolff)
“This dark-haired maiden has charming ways we all adore.”
Taylor Val
Taylor, Valmer Jr. (Deceased 20 October 2013)
“Little men are not always small.”
Thompson Ronald
Thompson, Ronald (Deceased November 4, 2017)
“My mind is gay.”
Underwood James
Underwood, Jim
“A world without a woman oh me!”
VandenHeuvel JeanLHS VandenHeuvel, Jean_VandenHeuvel Jean Modern
VandenHeuvel, Jean (Swindell)
“Her face is fair, her heart is true and gay.”
Vandervest Joseph Jr.Joe Vandervest 1984Vandervest, Joe Joe Vandervest 2 071911Joe Vandervest in service Joe Vandervest
Vandervest, Joseph Jr.
“It takes a wise man to discover a wise man.”
Verboam JanelleLHS Verboam, Janelle_Verboam Janelle Modern 2Verboam, Janelle Modern
Verboam, Janelle (Schade)
“May your days glide on in happiness and peace.”
VonSprecken JohnLHS VonSprecken, John_
VonSprecken, John
“Hot rods are driven at just two speeds-lawful and awful.”
Vorac KellyVorac Kelly Modern
Vorac, Kelly (Deceased 19 Sep 2004)
“I like my studies-far away.”
Vorce RussellLHS Vorce, Russell_LHS Vorce, Russell & Darcy_Vorce Russell Modern
Vorce, Russell & (Nancy) (Deceased 11 December 2022)
“A second Hercules.”
Vorderlandwehr SharonLHS VorderLandwehr, Sharon_Vorderlandwehr Sharon ModernVorderlanderwehr, Sharon
VorderLandwehr, Sharon (Rathbun)
“A smile for all, a frown for none. She’s always peppy and full of fun.”
Wheaton WalterLHS Wheaton, Walter_Wheaton Walter Modern
Wheaton, Walter
“That I’m a man I’d have you know, thought I still have some room to grow.”
Wickery GaryWickery, Gary Modern
Wikorejczak (Wickery), Gary Wayne (Deceased March 27, 2017)
“You can’t ruffle his good nature.”
Williams SharonLHS Williams, Sharon_Williams Sharon ModernWilliams, Sharon
Williams, Sharon (Faidley)
“Be gone, dull care!”
Wolff RobertLHS Wolff, Robert _Wolff Robert ModernWolff, RobertWolff, Bob
Wolff, Robert (Deceased, August 14, 2010)
“With light blond hair and shining blue eyes. Oh, what a man to be so shy.”
Wright BruceWright Bruce ModernWright, Bruce ModernWright, Bruce
Wright, Bruce
“I never met a man I didn’t like.”
Yennior LeoLeoYennior121608_2   LeoYennior121608Yennior, Leo
Yennior, Leo
“A smile for every boy. Two for every girl.”
Zook Warren
Zook, Warren (Deceased 8 Sep 1975)
“Farewell, farewell, farewell.”
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