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Then and Now Photo Album for 29 Classmates
 Allard Paul
Allard, Paul Allen
Barney Joseph
Barney, Joseph (Deceased)
Betka Margaret
Betka, Margaret (Keith)
Betz David 20 SS Betz, David_
Betz, David
Bogus Richard
Bogus, Richard (Deceased February  14, 1981)
Bryant Joan SS  Bryant, Joan_
Bryant, Joan (Spader)(Deceased July 30, 2017)
Ezdebski Yvonne IMG_20191119_092802287 Cropped 
Ezdebski, Yvonne (McCumber)
Fellows John SS Fellows, John_ SS Fellows, John & Wife_
Fellows, John
Fortier Marie
Fortier, Marie (DeSoto) (Deceased May 18, 2008)
Grotemat Robert
Grotemat, Robert (Deceased March 24, 2013)
Hillebrand Thomas
Hillebrand, Thomas
Horacek Bruce SS Horacek, Robert _
Horacek, Bruce
Jebavy James
Jebavy, James (Deceased January 13, 2012)
Luskin Helen
Luskin, Helen (Deceased August 28, 2001)
MacDonald James 100
MacDonald, James (Deceased September 16, 2010)
Moriarty Dennis
Moriarty, Dennis (Deceased September 1975)
Nargis Roberta
Nargis, Roberta (Deceased)
Petzak Adeline
Petzak, Adaline (Bogus)
Ptaszenski Ronald
Ptaszenski, Ronald (Deceased)
Rawley Frank
Rawley, Frank (Deceased)
Rochon Edward SS Rochon, Ed_
Rochon, Edward
Rosplock Patrica
Rosplock, Patrica (Delano) (Deceased February 16, 2018)
Schwartz Richard
Schwartz, Richard (Deceased)
Shinsky Russell
Shinsky, Russell (Deceased May 13, 2020)
Sniegowski Ronald
Sniegowski, Ronald
Sobanski Charles -BLANK- SS Sobanski, Charles_
Sobanski, Charles
Winey Sally
Winey, Sally (Tardani)
Wojtaszak Mary Ann
Wojtaszak, Mary Ann (Talsma)
Yeck Gerald
Yeck, Gerald (Deceased September 30, 2003)
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